Nhat Vo


Computer Vision

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I am currently a researcher at the Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis, University of Oulu, Finland. I mainly focus on multimedia and image processing, vision tracking, facial expression recognition, deep learning, and mobile applications. In my seven years of experience in industrial and research projects, I have gained strong knowledge of doing research, implementing algorithms, and developing computer vision applications on smartphones.


  • Programming: C/C++, MATLAB, Python, Java, C#.
  • Good knowledge with OpenCV, Deep Learning Libraries (Caffe, TensorFlow).
  • O/S: Windows, Linux, Android.
  • Data Structures and Algorithm.
  • Deep Learning and Document Image Analysis, Vision Tracking, Facial Expression Recognition, and Video Coding.


  • Facial expression
  • Deep learning
  • Document image analysis
  • Object tracking


Social media


  • Researcher, Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis


Hamza Zair (Master thesis): Collision warning design in automotive head-up displays
  • This thesis implemented three different Forward Collision Warning (FCW) designs: static, animated and 3D. We conducted the experiment on eight participants and we found that complex designs are preferred to watch and process but simpler and intuitive designs are most practical when it comes to fast decision making.