Raija Halonen

Raija Halonen


University Lecturer
Information Processing Science


Raija Halonen acts as a University Lecturer and Adjunct Professor at ITEE/M3S. Before joining the academic world she worked on information systems both in the public sector and in private IT enterprises. Lately she has studied ICT and social inclusion and ICT-enabled process improvement while continuing research on information systems. She has supervised 6 PhD theses and 140+ MSc theses (by 2019) in Information Processing Science, and given keynote talks in international conferences. She has 77 peer-reviewed articles published in international journals or conferences and 5 articles published in non-scientific journals. In LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/raijahalonen


Yhteiskunnalliset ja professionaaliset toimet

  • Member of the Cultural Club

Valikoidut julkaisut

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