19.4.2018 News

Four doctoral student positions in Biocenter Oulu Emerging projects (4 years)

University of Oulu has allocated four 4-year doctoral training positions to the following Emerging projects in association with Biocenter Oulu:

10.4.2018 News

Doctoral student position in Biocenter Oulu, Metabolic Research (4 years)

Link to the call announcement and electronic application system:

3.4.2018 News

An article on discovery of novel breast cancer risk loci and mechanisms in Cancer Research by Wei research group and their China collaborators

An article entitled “A large-scale, exome-wide association study of Han Chinese women identifies three novel loci predisposing to breast cancer” was recently published in Cancer Research by Dr.

22.3.2018 News

Funding from Sigrid Jusélius Foundation to several Biocenter Oulu research project leaders

Sigrid Jusélius Foundation 2018 funding decision awarded in total 435 000€ to the following research project leaders (in alphabetical order): Karppinen Peppi, Lehtiö Lari, Myllyharju Johanna, Pihla

22.3.2018 News

Emerging projects selected for Biocenter Oulu

University of Oulu allocated doctoral training positions to emerging research themes – within the context of the four strategic focus institutes Biocenter Oulu, Eudaimonia,

16.2.2018 News

A study lead by Uusimaa and Hinttala reveals a new gene required for normal fetal development and severe childhood multiorgan disease

Professor of Pediatric Neurology, Johanna Uusimaa, and Academy Research Fellow, Docent Reetta Hinttala together with their research team and collaborators have described a new, fatal multiorgan dis

14.2.2018 News

Vainio group identified a new mechanism how embryonic cells communicate between each other

Vainio group has published recently an article in J Extracellular vesicles with the title “Exosomes as secondary inductive signals involved in kidney organogenesis” authored by Krause M, Rak-Raszew

17.11.2017 News

1,1 mill. € funding from Academy of Finland Health from Science (TERVA) 2017

BCO project leader Doc. Lauri Eklund is a partner in a consortium receiving 1,1 mill. € from the Academy of Finland Health from Science (TERVA) 2017 funding instrument.

17.11.2017 News

0,79 mill. € funding from Cancer Foundation to BCO scientists

Professor Robert Winqvist and the research team has been awarded a grant of 450 000€ from the Cancer Foundation.

25.10.2017 News

Scientists from Oulu contributed to studies identifying 72 new genetic variants contributing to breast cancer risk

Seventy-two new genetic variants that contribute to the risk of developing breast cancer have been identified by an extensive, international team of researchers.

25.10.2017 News

An article in Genome Biology by Dr. Gonghong Wei and his multinational collaborators

The article “Systematic identification of regulatory variants associated with cancer risk” was recently published in Genome Biology by Dr.

2.10.2017 News

Mirror of Life team awarded 150 000€

Elämän Peili (Mirror of Life) team from University of Oulu with Prof.

28.9.2017 News

Prateek Singh selected to BioFinland Pitching Competition

PhD student Prateek Singh from Prof.

28.9.2017 News

Dr. Lauri Eklund has a review in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Dr. Lauri Eklund is an author in a review published in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery.

28.9.2017 News

Publications in European Urology and Scientific Reports by Dr. Gonghong Wei and his multinational collaborators

Articles “Whole-genome and Transcriptome Sequencing of Prostate Cancer Identify New Genetic Alterations Driving Disease Progression” and “Genetic association analysis of the RTK/ERK pathway with ag

28.9.2017 News

Novo Nordisk fellowship to Dr. Qin Wang

Dr. Qin Wang, from the Computational Medicine Research Team lead by Prof. Mika Ala-Korpela and Dr.

5.9.2017 News

New book “Kiehtovat geenit” sheds light on the present state and future prospects of genetics research and its applications

A new book edited by Maarit Jokela, Mirkka Oja-Leikas and Meri Rova from the University of Oulu was published in Helsinki last we

15.8.2017 News

Prateek Singh in the NASA Europa challenge finalist team

Prateek Singh, a doctoral student in Prof.

15.8.2017 News

Susanna Kaisto is the Researcher of the week

Susanna Kaisto, a doctoral student in Prof. Seppo Vainio´s group, is the Researcher of the week of The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (Tieteentekijöiden Liitto).