The essential role of Th17/Treg cells in inflammation and tumorigenesis

Inflammation and cancer are worldwide most common and life-threatening diseases. Better molecular understanding to develop new targeted therapies is urgently needed.

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Biocenter Oulu

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University of Oulu

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  • Associate Professor (Tenure Track)
    Zhi Jane Chen

Project description

In recent years, Th17 and Treg cells have been identified to play critical roles in inflammatory diseases and tumor. Our proposal is to utilize state-of-the-art systems biology approaches combined with mouse models of human diseases to characterize recently identified players. We will investigate their roles in Th17/iTreg cell differentiation and function at multiple levels and from mouse to human. The results of this project are expected to reveal the molecular mechanisms of how these new players influence lymphocyte function in vitro, and consequently contributes to pathogenesis of inflammation and inflammation associated tumor in vivo. Data generated from this study will facilitate ongoing efforts in targeting these pathways to treat human diseases.

Key publications

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