15.12.2016 News

An article from Inari Kursula´s group published in Cell Host & Microbe

An article with a title “A novel actin-binding protein serves as a connector and lipid sensor to coordinate motility and invasion in Apicomplexa.” was recently published in Cell Host &

12.12.2016 News

0,95 million euros from Academy of Finland FIRI2016 funding to Biocenter Oulu Infrastructures

Biocenter Finland consortium with Professor Johanna Myllyharju, Scientific Director of Biocenter Oulu, Chairperson of the Governing Board of Biocenter Finland and Coordinator of the application, ha

28.9.2016 News

Johanna Myllyharju Euroopan molekyylibiologian laboratorion ja konferenssin hallintoelimiin

Valtioneuvosto nimitti 22.9.2016 professori Johanna Myllyharjun Suomen tieteelliseksi edustajaksi Euroopan molekyylibiologian laboratorion (EMBL) ja Euroopan molekyylibiologian konferenssin (EMBC)

26.9.2016 News

The Lehtiö group published an article in Cell Chemical Biology

The Lehtiö group published recently an article in Cell Chemical Biology with contributions from the Pihlajaniemi group.

19.9.2016 News

Vainio and Shan have contributed to an article recently published in Nature Communications

Seppo Vainio and Jingdong Shan have contributed to an article recently published in Nature Communications.

13.9.2016 News

Paras Biopharmaceuticals Finland Oy receives a multimillion euro investment

Paras Biopharmaceuticals Finland Oy, a startup company of University of Oulu, has developed technology for the production of an osteoporosis drug and has secured multimillion-euro investment from a

13.9.2016 News

An article in Nature Genetics with contributions from BCO researchers published

Järvelin, Herzig and Sebert have participated in a multinational study published recently in Nature Genetics.

5.9.2016 News

The Vainio Group has recently published several publications on kidney development

Nagy II, Xu Q, Naillat F, Ali N, Miinalainen I, Samoylenko A,  Vainio SJ. Impairment of Wnt11 function leads to kidney tubular abnormalities and secondary glomerular cystogenesis. BMC Dev.

23.8.2016 News

Computational Medicine Research Team published an article in International Journal of Epidemiology

Computational Medicine Research Team published an article related to the metabolic effects of alcohol consumption.

1.7.2016 News

Marja Makarow Appointed as Director of Biocenter Finland

The rectors of Biocenter Finland partner Universities have nominated Professor Marja Makarow as new director of Biocenter Finland.

1.7.2016 News

Human organs cell by cell from a laboratory

Professor Seppo Vainio´s interview about organogenesis and stem cells can be found on the University of Oulu page.

28.6.2016 News

Computational Medicine Research Team published a letter in PNAS

Dr Mäkinen & Prof Ala-Korpela published a letter in PNAS: Metabolomics of aging requires large-scale longitudinal stud

28.6.2016 News

Academy of Finland Research Grants to Computational Medicine

Drs Kettunen & Würtz awarded 3-y Academy of Finland Research Grants 330k€ each

30.5.2016 News

Call for Early Stage Researchers at the University of Oulu in the I4Future Doctoral Programme

I4Future is an International, Interdisciplinary & Inter-sectorial doctoral programme starting at the University of Oulu in Finland.

16.5.2016 News

A recent publication from the Vainio Group

A publication with title “CD146(+) cells are essential for kidney vasculature development” was recently published in Kidney International.

26.4.2016 News

BCO-DP student gained success in a business startup competition

BCO-DP student Prateek Singh from Seppo Vainio’s research group is one of the members in a recently awarded team with a potential business idea.

23.3.2016 News

An article by the Computational Medicine Team published In Nature Communications

No side effects for a new heart disease drug found

21.3.2016 News

Funding from Sigrid Jusélius Foundation to several Biocenter Oulu research project leaders

Sigrid Jusélius Foundation 2016 funding decision awarded in total 435 800€ to the following Biocenter Oulu research project leaders (in alphabetical order): Ala-Korpela Mika, Hiltunen Kalervo and K

8.3.2016 News

An Article in Nature Genetics published by Gonghong Wei group and their multinational collaborators

A publication titled as "Gene regulatory mechanisms underpinning prostate cancer susceptibility" was published online 07 March 2016 in Nature Genetics.

12.2.2016 News

Three recent publications from the Vainio Group

A publication with title “Wnt4 coordinates directional cell migration and extension of the Müllerian duct essential for ontogenesis of the female reproductive tract” was recently published in Hum.

1.2.2016 News

The Winqvist group identifies a novel cancer susceptibility gene

Mutation in MCPH1 increases the risk of breast cancer threefold

7.1.2016 News

Academy of Finland FIRI2015 funding to BCO Infrastructures

BCO has received FIRI2015 Research Infrastructure Funding from the Academy of Finland.