Doctoral Training

Biocenter Oulu Doctoral Programme (BCO-DP, former Biocenter Oulu Graduate School) operated from 1995 until the end of 2016. BCO-DP gave postgraduate education in cell and molecular biology, developmental biology, molecular medicine, molecular genetics, population genetics, structural biology, bioinformatics and biobusiness. It was one of the largest and oldest doctoral programmes in the field of bioscience and biomedicine in Finland and was continuously ranked high by external evaluators.

The doctoral training structure at the University of Oulu was re-organized from the beginning of 2017. These changes are part of the new strategy of the University. Now all doctoral candidates, who have been granted study rights in the University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS), are also registered in one of the four official UniOGS Doctoral Programmes and the associated Doctoral Training Committee (DTC). The four Doctoral Programmes are those of Human Sciences, Health and Biosciences, Technology and Natural Sciences, and Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. They provide multidisciplinary field-specific doctoral training supporting the timely completion of the doctoral degree covering all 21 Doctoral Degree Programmes at the University.

In the fields of Health and Biosciences, covering the Doctoral Degree Programmes and Major subjects of Medicine, Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Science in the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, there is a single doctoral programme called Health and Biosciences Doctoral Programme (HBS-DP). Also some students from the Doctoral Degree Programmes of Biology as well as Physics and Astronomy from the Faculty of Science are affiliated with HBS-DP.

For those who are interested to start doctoral training in a Biocenter Oulu project:  First you need to establish a contact with a potential PhD supervisor. Please see the BCO research project pages and contact the corresponding Principal Investigator for the available options in the project of your interest.

Contact information concerning doctoral training in Biocenter Oulu: Ritva Saastamoinen, coordinator, Health and Biosciences Doctoral Programme; tel. +358-(0)294 486102, e-mail: ritva.saastamoinen(at)

All information concerning the doctoral training in Health and Biosciences will be found via the HBS-DP and UniOGS webpages.

Last updated: 4.4.2018