12.12.2013 Event

BCO Discovery of the Year 2013

Saalastinsali, HR145, main building, Linnanmaa Campus12.00    Bus transportation from Aapistie 5A to Linnanmaa12.30    Opening of the Award Ceremony

26.11.2013 Event

Oulu Bioscience Networking event

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26.11.2013 Event

Minisymposium: Inflammation and Immunity

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7.11.2013 to 9.11.2013 Event

Biocenter Oulu - Biocenter Kuopio Research Symposium

Symposium program

5.11.2013 to 6.11.2013 Event

Workshop: BioNanoElectronics in ICT, Biomedicine and Development

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12.9.2013 to 13.9.2013 Event

Workshop on Evolutionary Developmental Population Genetics

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8.6.2013 to 12.6.2013 Event

International Oxygen Conference in Oulu

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15.4.2013 to 19.4.2013 Event

International Practical Course on G Protein-Coupled Receptors

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10.4.2013 Event

Oulu BioImaging Network OBI Day

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3.4.2013 to 5.4.2013 Event

Workshop on Association Mapping

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12.3.2013 Event

Biocenter Day 2013: Brain’s Digest – Healthy Diet Drives a Sharp Mind

Place: Auditorium 101A in the Main Building of the Medical Campus, Aapistie 5A, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland

18.2.2013 Event

Practical Short Course on Mouse Necropsy

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