Seppo Vainio, Ph.D., Professor in Developmental Biology

Mechanisms of Organogenesis

Project leader
Prof. Seppo Vainio, Ph.D.

Laboratory of Developmental Biology, Oulu Center for Cell-Matrix Research,
Biocenter Oulu and Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, University of Oulu

Mailing address
P.O.Box 5000, FIN-90014 University of Oulu, Finland

Street address
Aapistie 5A, Biocenter Oulu, 4th floor, 90220 Oulu, Finland

Tel. +358-(0)294 486084,
e-mail: seppo.vainio (at)

About the project

Emergence of form in living organisms in nature such as the one occurring during morphogenesis is based on evolution and involves cell and tissue interactions. The process occurs in three dimensions and leads gradually to the appearance of specific structures via the process of pattern formation. This project targets the fundamentals of morphogenesis and how terminally differentiated cells become placed spatially and temporally so that the organ serves its function in the adult. The kidney is used as a model for our studies. The capacity to program morphogenesis will open numerous avenues to develop novel and medically relevant applications from reprogrammed cells. The project is part of the Finnish Centre of Excellence Programme funded by the Academy of Finland (Centre of Excellence Grant 2012 - 2017, 251314)

Project details

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