The modern infrastructure for macromolecular X-ray crystallography and protein characterization is available for European researchers through an Instruct EU-ESFRI program. Instruct is aimed at fostering the development of structural biology in Europe. It is coordinated by the Instruct office in Oxford, UK.

Biocenter Finland Structural Biology network formed the framework for an Instruct National Affiliate Center established in 2014 and the Finnish Instruct-NAC has nodes at the Universities of Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere, Turku, Eastern Finland, and at the Åbo Academy University.

Participation in Instruct through the Instruct-NAC provides access to other European centers of the Instruct network for the researchers in Oulu and it makes the infrastructure and expertise at the University of Oulu available for European researchers. Instruct also supports organization of international courses in Oulu.

The Oulu Instruct-NAC activities are being implemented as an international collaborative effort following up on the activities of the Strucbiocat initiative and by Biocenter Oulu core facilities. Strucbiocat is an expertise and infrastructure program aimed at fostering the regional biotech and at developing collaborations on protein structure studies and biocatalysis between the University of Oulu and the biotech industry in the Oulu region.

Other activities of Instruct-FI

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Last updated: 20/1/2017