Mass spectrometry

Mass analysis is an indispensable step in the profound analysis of biomolecules, since nearly all modifications that happen to biomolecules are reflected in a change of their molecular weight, which can be measured with high sensitivity and accuracy with different mass spectrometers. In addition to “simple” molecular weight measurements, molecules can be fragmented within the mass spectrometer to provide structural information that allows identification and detailed characterization. Aim of the Biocenter Oulu core facility is to develop applications for mass spectrometry in biomedical research and to provide mass spectrometry service. The core facility is situated in a joint mass lab operated together with the Department of Chemistry. This cooperation provides access to a wide area of mass spectrometrical techniques, ranging from small molecule analysis to the study of protein complexes. The major instruments of the core facility are a Waters Synapt G2 HDMS Q-Tof and a Bruker UltrafleXtreme MALDI Tof/Tof. These cutting edge instruments can cover most applications in biological mass spectrometry. A large part of the mass spectrometry work is connected to the identification and characterization of proteins from 2D gel-based proteomics. General services include protein identification from protein mass finger prints or MSMS-spectra (sequencing), characterizatrion of PTMS, accurate mass measurements of full length proteins, top down sequencing of proteins, and quantification of small molecules. More demanding applications, like “omics” or characterization of glycoconjugates can be addressed in a cooperation where the work load is shared with the customer.


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