A total of 1,8 million € Academy Project funding to BCO group leaders

Four Biocenter Oulu group leaders, Docent Lauri Eklund, Dean Peppi Karppinen, Dr. Inari Kursula and Vice-rector, Professor Taina Pihlajaniemi,  have each received 448 849 € Academy Project funding from the Academy of Finland. The funding period is for four years starting from September 2017. The topics are shown below.

Eklund, L. Venous morphogenesis: organ specific development and molecular therapies for chronic diseases
Karppinen, P. Cellular oxygen sensors in hepatic, inflammatory and immunological diseases and cancer
Kursula, I. Understanding the molecular mechanism of Plasmodium gliding motility
Pihlajaniemi, T. Collagen XVIII in growth and treatment of solid cancers


Last updated: 2.5.2017