New book “Kiehtovat geenit” sheds light on the present state and future prospects of genetics research and its applications

A new book edited by Maarit Jokela, Mirkka Oja-Leikas and Meri Rova from the University of Oulu was published in Helsinki last week by Duodecim.

The book Kiehtovat geenit (Fascinating Genes) consists of articles written by the Finnish experts from the field of genetics and related branches of science. The topics include for example the genetic origin of the Finns, gene editing, interaction between genes and the environment, the commercialization of genetic information and the ethics of genetics.   

The book has been written as a part of the activities of the Argumenta Project Genes and Society, directed by professor Seppo Vainio at Biocenter Oulu, University of Oulu. 

As the book is popularly written and therefore easy to understand, it is suitable for anyone interested in the topic.

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Last updated: 5.9.2017