Automated pipetting system


The QIAgility is a compact benchtop automated pipetting instrument, which offers rapid and reliable pipetting, and eliminates manual steps that are typically prone to human error.

Liquid-handling tasks are performed by the single-channel pipetting head, which provides fast transfer of liquids. The worktable features a flexible layout and supports almost all kinds of cyclers and labware. Dynamic liquid-level sensing, facilitated by conductive filter tips offers maximum safety control.

The UV light ensures effective worktable decontamination and the HEPA filter provides positive clean air pressure throughout PCR setup.

Examples of applications

  • Real-time RT-PCR setup
  • Normalization
  • Serial dilution
  • Restriction digestion
  • PCR setup

Explore the virtual demo to learn more about the QIAgility.


New users: Before the first reservation contact Aira Erkkilä for training.

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Last updated: 29.1.2018