DNA/RNA extraction

Two different set-ups are available for DNA/RNA extraction:

QIASymphony SP

QIAsymphony SP enables sample preparation of DNA, RNA, bacterial and viral nucleic acids, and 6xHis-tagged protein from a wide range of starting materials. QIASymphony SP locates on the second floor in Kieppi building, Rm 276B.

Please contact: Aira Erkkilä or Anu Myllymäki,  tel. +358-(0)294 485844 or +358-(0)294 486108 or lbkseq (at) oulu.fi

MagRo 8-M robotic workstation

MagRo 8-M robotic workstation locates in the Biocenter Oulu research facilities (Aapistie 5A, 90220 Oulu, Rm 417A). It can be utilized for nucleic acid, protein and cell isolations and purifications (http://www.bnpands.com/).

Please contact Johanna Kekolahti-Liias, Hannele Härkman or Paula Haipus for additional information, tel. +358-(0)294 486099.

Last updated: 24.8.2016