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Fab Lab Oulu is a small digital manufacturing working area (fabrication laboratory) that complies with open innovation concept developed by MIT in the United States. In Fab Lab it is possible to design your own product or hardware from the scratch. Fab Lab Oulu operates within University of Oulu.

Fab Lab Oulu is the second fab lab existing in Finland. It provides you with a large set of tools, equipment, software, practices - shared according to the Fab Lab concept. Available for use are three 3D-printers, laser cutter, vinyl cutter, precision milling machine, electronics workbenches and open source design software.

You can build your own prototypes or fulfill your needs for different research and education projects in Fab Lab Oulu. Fab Lab Oulu provides various machines, processes, codes, and capabilities that are easy-to-use and help bring your ideas into reality. In addition, Fab Lab Oulu provides you with the possibillity to participate in various events, workshops, projects, and training activities for digital modeling and fabrication.


Now in Fab Lab Oulu


  • Fab Academy 2017 : Currently Fab Lab Oulu trains 6 students in Fab Academy 2017 programme.

  • Course on "Principles of Digital Fabrication" : This is a 5-credits course organized by University of Oulu, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. The course is held at Fab Lab Oulu between 13th of March 2017 and 12th of May 2017. All students in University of Oulu are invited to participate.




Machine booking scheduler (online booking system of machines in Fab Lab Oulu)

Fab Lab Oulu Wiki Space (documentation of machines, processes, and practices)



Fab Lab in Action

Below there are presented some highlights reflecting interesting happenings and projects connected to Fab Lab Oulu.