School collaboration

We are supporting the development of Digital Fabrication and STEAM activities at schools in the Oulu area and we collaborate with the STEAMinOulu network.

We offer different workshops for children and teachers where they can learn different digital fabrication techniques.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about digital fabrication or organize an activity at our premises or at your own school.
How to use inkscape.
Mobile Fab Lab 3D printers.

Information for teachers

Our doors are fully open for local schools. Since 2015 we have hosted more than 5000 children of all ages and several groups of teachers.

With our Mobile Fab Lab, we have visited a big number of schools (both in the Oulu area and in other Finnish regions).

Some of the mobile Fab Lab activities were organized by Buutti in collaboration with Fab Lab Oulu.

Mobile Fab Lab

The mobile Fab Lab is a transportable set of machines and equipment for digital fabrication. Our vision with the mobile Fab Lab is to make the facilities for digital fabrication accessible for everyone, regardless of where they live.

We will bring the machines to schools and events to organize digital fabrication workshops. Participants can try out some of the methods of digital fabrication with the machines.

Working with physical materials and machines is a great way to introduce technology into school activities! The machines can be at the school for a week, and we can organize different workshops.

Mobile Fab Lab is free of charge for schools. You can book the mobile Fab Lab by sending us an email. Contact information below.

Mobile Fab Lab includes

  • 2 laser cutters (Epilog Mini 24 and Emblaser 2)
  • 1 Vinyl cutter (Roland STIKA 15)
  • 6 3D printers (Creality Ender)
  • Electronic components and programming boards (Arduino, ESP32)

Contact information

If you would like to arrange a visit or know more about mobile Fab Lab do not hesitate to contact us:

Ruut Westerlund :

Join our community:

You can join our Discord Server. You can find us in the #fablab channel.

Example Workshops

Some of the popular workshops we have been organizing:

  • IoT workshop
    The participants build a simple IoT system controlled by mobile devices. For example, we can read the values of temperature and humidity sensors, or control the LED lights and a small motor.
  • Reflector making workshop
    The participants experience computer-aided design and machining to make reflectors. They will use different materials, machines, and techniques, making this workshop a good introduction to digital fabrication.
  • Tinkering workshop
    The participants make items of their interest using the processes of computer-aided design and machining. The initial idea is development by trial and error, quick prototyping, and being inspired by others. The machines that can be used are the laser cutter, the vinyl cutter and 3D printer.

Read some feedback from our participants:

  • "It was really fun, I haven’t done anything like it before. It gave us a chance to be creative."
  • “The topic of the project was interesting and the project was fun to do.”
  • "I like this kind of project and despite some issues, it was fun."
  • "It was a fun experiment and it was interesting."