This page updates constantly with more contents to showcase the most interesting projects done in Fab Lab Oulu.

You can find documents and utilize the gained experience of others in your own projects. All projects are open-source and each of them have provided a licence.

If you are involved in a project with Fab Lab Oulu, you can also showcase your project here. You have to provide the source files in Git hub or other open repository and provide a licence.

Fab Academy Projects

2015: Jani Ylioja 

2016: Antti Mäntyniemi, Dorina Rajanen, Juha-Pekka Mäkelä

2017: Eino Antikainen, Iván Sánchez Milara, Jari Pakarinen, Nataliya Schevchuk, Yriö Louhisalmi, Mikko Toivonen

2018: Marta Cortés Orduña, Heidi HartikainenBehnaz NorouziKati PitkänenJari UusitaloPeetu VirkkalaAri Vuokila

Fab Lab Oulu Scheduler: Git hub files repository (fab-lab-scheduler), the online system:

Fab Lab 4 Schools: Ivan Sanchez Milara project introducing Fab Lab to schools

Interface glove for Blender: Git hub files repository (virtual-fablab)

Fab Lab Oulu in Github:

Fabbable Measurement Devices:

Last updated: 18.7.2018