9.11.2018 News

Novel sensor and switch applications for flexible and stretchable electronic materials

M.Sc (Tech.) Jarkko Tolvanen defended succesfully his doctoral thesis "Novel sensor and switch applications for flexible and stretchable electronic materials" on 2nd of November 2018.

9.11.2018 News

Next-generation power sources pave the way for self-sustaining devices

Batteries will lead the way in the future of the Internet of Things, but they can damage the environment.

2.7.2018 News

Open positions

Our unit has three positions currently open.   Assistant Professor position in the field of small power self-sufficient sensor systems 

25.5.2018 News

Electricity out from trainers

  Tek-magazine has made an article about Dr. Jaako Palosaari and his research on energy harvesters.

23.5.2018 News

Skills and knowledge in electroceramics at the University of Oulu range from composition to components

The Microelectronics Research Unit at the University of Oulu approaches development of electroceramics from the angle of the whole. 

9.3.2018 News

A tale of two cities: How China and Finland are leading the global 5G technologies

Dr. Yang Bai was interviewed to Peoples Daily about the 5G research at Oulu and Shenzen.

20.2.2018 News

Electronics harvests its own energy

Newspaper UusiTeknologia wrote a comprehensive article about energy harvesting and our research

15.2.2018 News

Energy harvesting brings power to out-of-the-way places

If wires and batteries are out of the question, energy can be harvested from mechanical vibrations, movement, friction and heat.

25.1.2018 News

Kesäharjoittelupaikkoja Mikroelektroniikan tutkimusyksikössä

Mikroelektroniikan tutkimusyksikkö, 2 harjoittelupaikkaa ajalle 1.6.-31.8.2018

18.1.2018 News

Energy harvesting from walking

Dr. Tech. Jaakko Palosaari defended his doctoral thesis on energy harvester in December. Newspaper Tekniikka & Talous published an article in Finnish about the harvesting technology.

16.10.2017 News

Postdoctoral reseacher position, biochemistry and cell biology

Postdoctoral reseacher position, biochemistry and cell biology

12.9.2017 News

New, affordable and easy to upscale electrocatalyst for hydrogen production from water

Research teams of Umeå University, Åbo Akademi, University of Danang and University of Oulu have developed a novel robust and efficient catalyst nanomaterial for electrochemical water splitting, which is easy to apply and feasible to produce in large quantities at low cost. 

31.8.2017 News

Significant EU funding for joint diseases research

Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Fellow Gabriela Lorite and Associate Professor, Academy Research Fellow Simo Saarakkala from the University of Oulu have received 1

16.2.2017 News

Material Can Turn Sunlight, Heat and Movement Into Electricity -- All at Once

Marie Sklodowska-Curie grantee Dr.

15.2.2016 News

Apurahat tukevat nuoria tutkijoita

TEK-lehti haastatteli Mikroelektroniikan tutkimusyksikön tohtoriopiskelija Tuomo Siponkoskea jatko-opinnoista viimeisimpään numeroonsa.