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Welcome to web pages of Control Engineering!

Control Engineering is both nationally and internationally known as the unit of high level teaching and application research. This results in publications and doctoral degrees, but also in active international researcher and student exchange.

Control Engineering takes care of teaching at the graduate level in

  • basics of control and instrumentation
  • modelling
  • simulation
  • optimisation
  • intelligent methods
  • applications in paper, metallurgical and biotechnical processes

For post graduate students, intelligent methods (fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic algorithms, expert systems) is the main area.

Research Areas

Research is directed to industrial applications of intelligent methods covering a large area from paper and metallurgical industries to biotechnology and also electronics production and telecommunications. Applications consist of:

  • soft sensors
  • advanced control, diagnostics and condition monitoring (lime kiln, pulp cooking, bleaching, TMP-refiner, paper machine, blast furnace, converter plant, continuous casting, solar power plant, waste water processes, bioprocesses, fluidised bed granulator)
  • wireless systems
  • modelling and control in energy production of different scales (bioenergy, hydrogen energy, solar energy, small-scale boilers and furnaces)

Graduate Schools

Control Engineering participates in the Graduate School International Ph.D. Programme in Pulp and Paper Science and Technology (PAPSAT) and Graduate School in Chemical Engineering (GSCE)

International co-operation

Control Engineering participated in EUNITE, European Network of Excellence, and held the position as its Scientific Director and as the Chairman of its Steering Committee. It was also a member in CA Network on Nature-Inspired Information systems and participed also in COST E36 project on Modelling and Simulation in Pulp and Paper Industry. It was a partner in ITEA/ESNA-project "European Sensor Network Architecture" that won ITEA Achievements Gold Meta in 2010.