Research Infrastructures

Research infrastructures are such reserves of research facilities, equipment, materials and services, which allow research and development. The infrastructures support organized research, as well as maintain and develop research capacity. University of Oulu has a number of high-quality, interdisciplinary infrastructures supporting research. The infrastructures are constantly being developed to serve the widest possible number of users.

Finland’s roadmap for national research infrastructures is a plan for key research infrastructures in Finland, which are either under development or will be newly required over the next 10–15 years. The plan also concerns a major upgrade of existing research infrastructures.

The broad range expert body for research infrastructures, the Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee (FIRI Committee), nominated by the Academy of Finland, approved 31 national research infrastructures to the Finnish 2014–2020 Roadmap. On the national roadmap approved in 2014 the University of Oulu is involved in 12 infrastructure networks and four of them is coordinated at the University of Oulu.