• Heikki Salo
    • Room MA305
    • email:
    • Personal homepage
    • Research interests: dynamics of disc galaxies, planetary ring dynamics
  • Jürgen Schmidt
    • Room MA308
    • Personal homepage
    • Research interests: statistical physics and celestial mechanics applied to the dynamics of planetary rings and circumplanetary dust.

Academic Staff:

  • Sébastien Comerón - Docent
    • Room MA303
    • email:
    • Personal homepage
    • Research interests: galaxies evolution, rings of star formation, the thick discs of edge-on galaxies.
  • Eija Laurikainen
    • Room MA307
    • email:
    • Research interests: galaxy morphology and dynamics, galactic bulges, formation of dwarf galaxies, environmental effects in galaxy evolution.
  • Xiaodong Liu
    • Room MA302
    • email:
    • Research interests: circumplanetary dust dynamics, tenuous circumplanetary ring, estimate of dust hazard to spacecraft.
  • Vitaly Neustroev - Docent
    • Room MA302
    • email:
    • Personal homepage
    • Research interests: interacting binary stars, accretion discs, time series analysis, image processing, data analysis, computational astrophysics.


  • Dr. Aaron Watkins
  • Post-graduate students:

    • Marius Lehmann
    • Tuulia Pennanen
    • Aku Venhola