17.1.2018 News

Remote presence and cooperation via avatars

How does co-operation with others work when face-to-face interaction is moved to the virtual world and physical presence replaced with an avatar playing field that opens up through virtual reality headsets? The University of Oulu is interested in exploring virtual reality in technology and in human sciences.

5.12.2017 News

One hundred years – so what?

Celebrations of Finland's centenary year culminate on Independence Day, 6 December. What makes this hundred-year period significant? One researcher feels that 100 is simply a number, and that the period should be examined not so much as chronological time as historical time.

20.10.2017 News

The past is present in the present

Lapland's Dark Heritage is a project that examines the traces that wartime cooperation between Finland and Germany left in the mental landscape of Northern Finland.

18.8.2017 News

Major ERC funding for reindeer domestication research

Academy Research Fellow Anna-Kaisa Salmi from the University of Oulu has received major funding from the European Research Council (ERC) for research on animal domestication. The 5-year ERC Starting Grant funding is worth 1.49 million euros.

4.5.2017 News

International academic journal transfers to University of Oulu

An international academic journal, Journal of the Philosophy of History, will be edited in the future at the Faculty of Humani

12.4.2017 News

Oulu Business School offers Minor Studies in English

In academic year 2017-2018 Oulu Business School organizes Minor Studies in English that are aimed at degree students in the University of Oulu.

15.6.2016 News

Energy weather forecast: Power from the sun and wind

The energy weather forecast converts sunshine and wind into kilowatt hours for each location over the next 24 hours.

13.1.2016 News

Demola Oulu is looking for new project partners for spring semester 2016

In an award winning international Demola network, companies can co-create ideas into working demos with talented and highly motivated multidisciplinary student teams.

21.8.2015 News

YUKATA WORKSHOP FOR STUDENTS! Learn about Japanese culture! (Sept. 22nd)

The Faculty of Humanities together with the Yokohama National University and the University of Saitama, Japan are delighted to present a yukata workshop for the students studying at the University