II Finnish-Swedish number theory conference

21-23 May 2012

How to get there

From the airport take the bus number 19. The bus trip to the city central takes about 30 minutes and continuing to the university (with the same bus) another 15 minutes. Here is the timetable of the bus number 19 from the airport to the city central and here from the city central back to the airport.
Buses number 4,5,6,7,16,19,22 and 23 operate between the city central and the university. Here is a collection of timetables from the city central to the university during weekdays and here from the university to the city central. The bus trip takes about 15 minutes.
For information on how to get to the conference dinner see the dinner page and on how to get to the sauna and barbeque see the excursion page.
An embedded Google Map of the city of Oulu:
Click here to see a larger map.
Also see the campus map and the visitor information of the University of Oulu.
If you have any questions, please send e-mail to lukuteoria2012(at)gmail.com.