II Finnish-Swedish number theory conference

21-23 May 2012


All the presentations will be held in lecture room TA105, see the campus map. The lecture room has a blackboard, a whiteboard, an overhead projector (transparencies), a document camera and a computer (Windows) with two video projectors.
If you plan to give your talk using a video projector and computer, it is easiest if you copy your presentation in the final pdf form to a usb stick.
The final program:


09:30-10:00registration and coffee
10:00-11:00Keijo Väänänen: On some q-series
11:00-11:30Tristan Freiberg: On the average exponent of elliptic curves modulo p
13:00-13:30Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytönen: On distributions of exponential sums of Fourier coefficients of cusp forms
13:30-14:00Tapani Matala-aho: On Baker type lower bounds for linear forms
14:30-15:00Jyrki Lahtonen: On the smallest determinants of matrix lattices
15:00-15:30Toni Ernvall: Construction of MIMO MAC codes achieving the pigeon hole bound
15:30-16:00Julio Andrade: Average theorems of the class number in function fields


09:30-10:00Johan Andersson: Universality for multiple zeta functions in several complex variables
10:30-11:30Kaisa Matomäki: Sums of positive density subsets of the primes
11:30-12:00Jukka Pihko: Supremum of representation functions: a construction
13:30-14:30Alexander Stolin: Fine structure of class groups of cyclotomic fields
15:00-15:30Eeva Suvitie: On the binary additive divisor problem and its analogs in mean
15:30-16:00Ondrej Kolouch: A criterion for linear independence of infinite products
16:00-16:30Mika Mattila: On positive definiteness of meet and join matrices


09:30-10:00Matti Jutila: Periodicity phenomena in the zeta-function theory
10:30-11:30Pankaj Vishe: Dynamical methods for rapid computations of L-functions
11:30-12:00Pentti Haukkanen: Ramanujan's sum with respect to regular integers (mod r)
13:30-14:00Lukáš Novotný: Productly linearly independent sequences
Please note that:
  • a 30 minute lecture includes 5 minutes for questions,
  • a 60 minute lecture includes 10 minutes for questions.
Here is the program in printable pdf form and here as a timetable.
If you have any questions, please send e-mail to lukuteoria2012(at)gmail.com.