Leo-Juhani Meriö

MSc.(Tech.) Environmental and Electrical Engineering

Doctoral student
Catchment hydrology and snow processes

Research interests

  • Catchment and cold climate hydrology
  • Snow processes
  • Climate and environmental change
  • Human impact on environment and hydrology

Research groups

  • Water Reseources and Environmental Engineering

Selected publications

  • Akanegbu, Justice O.; Meriö, Leo-Juhani; Marttila, Hannu; Ronkanen, Anna-Kaisa; Kløve, Bjørn (2018) A simple model structure enhances parameter identification and improves runoff prediction in ungauged high-latitude catchments. - Journal of hydrology 563, 395-410 .
  • Meriö, Leo-Juhani; Marttila, Hannu; Ala-aho, Pertti; Hänninen, Pekka; Okkonen, Jarkko; Sutinen, Raimo; Kløve, Bjørn (2018) Snow profile temperature measurements in spatiotemporal analysis of snowmelt in a subarctic forest-mire hillslope. - Cold Regions Science and Technology 151, 119-132 .
  • Meriö, Leo-Juhani; Marttila, Hannu; Ala-aho, Pertti; Kløve, Bjørn (2017) Main controlling factors of low flow in boreal region. (Abstrakti (Ei KOTAan)). - EGU General Assembly 2017. Geophysical Research Abstracts 19, EGU2017-14441.
  • Meriö, L.-J.; Marttila, H.; Kløve, B.; Ala-aho, P. (2016) Changing snow conditions and vegetation patterns : Impact on boreal flow conditions. (Abstrakti (Ei KOTAan)). - Nordic Water 2016, XXIX Nordic Hydrological Conference, August 8-10, 2016 Kaunas, Lithuania. The role of hydrology towards water resource sustainability, abstracts.. Povilaitis, Arvydas; Meilutyté-Lukauskienené, Diana. Trita-LWR. Report, Aleksandras Stulginskis U niversity. 78.