Finnish-Japanese Environmental Research


The Finnish-Japanese cooperation in environmental research started in 2005, when the Finnish delegates first visited research stations in Hokkaido, Japan, and the Japanese delegates visited northern research stations of Finnish Universities.  This symposium series is nowadays part of the Sustainability Weeks, which have been arranged in Hokkaido, Japan since 2005. Finnish-Japanese Research Symposia are arranged biannually in Japan and in Finland.  

The purpose of the Finnish-Japanese Environmental Research Symposia is to disseminate information which has strong potential to benefit each other, to exchange and increase scientific expertise on northern issues on the themes which are relevant to the northern areas both in Finland and Japan. One aim is also to initiate co-operation research projects, and to increase student and scientist exchange. The themes of the seminars vary somewhat from event to event.

The symposia will introduce the latest outcome of research programs that have been implemented jointly by Hokkaido University and Finnish universities, as well as international programs to train young researchers on environmental issues in northern regions, where rapid changes have taken place due to climate change and other global processes. It was also a forum for discussion on the continuation of joint research programs and the feasibility of research plans. The aim was also to strengthen the collaborative infrastructures especially between Finland and Japan.

Next Finnish-Japanese Research Symposium will be arranged in Rovaniemi, Finland on November 5-7, 2014.  More information in the web page of the Rovaniemi symposium.


More information about the previous symposia

Last updated: 22.8.2016