New methods improve the quality of environmental impact assessments

New methods make it easier to recognise and systematically assess the most significant environmental impacts of various projects, and to illustrate the results. They also improve the participation possibilities and understanding of citizens and interest groups about the projects and their environmental impacts.

The results are from the recently completed IMPERIA project managed by SYKE, and they can be applied all kinds of assessments of environmental impacts. The Thule Institute was a partner in this 3,5 year project.

An environmental impact assessment (EIA) that is carried out well saves the environment and resources, and makes the planning, permit process, and implementation of the project more fluent. There are high and somewhat conflicted expectations for environmental impact assessments, but these expectations are now easier to meet.

Read the press release at the SYKE website. Also the project report and other material are available at SYKE website.

Last updated: 15.1.2016