Themes 2012 -2016

Themes of the research projects 2012 - 2016 (groups leaders name and faculty in brackets):

Climate Change Dynamics, Impacts and Adaptation

  • Unraveling population history, demography and structure for management of northern populations: Molecular ecology meets population biology (Laura Kvist, Faculty of Science)
  • Rapid environmental changes in the Eurasian Arctic – lessons from the past to the future (Juha-Pekka Lunkka, Kari Strand, Oulu Mining School)
  • Consortium: Streams in the landscape: effects of land use on biodiversity and ecosystem processes in boreal streams (Timo Muotka, Faculty of Science),
    Human impact on Northern groundwater resources: Impact of land-use and climate change on future management of aquifers and connected ecosystems (Björn Klöve, Faculty of Technology)
  • Evolutionary approach to trophic interactions under climate change (Markku Orell, Faculty of Science)
  • Consortium: Mesospheric monitoring of ozone above the polar vortex during solar maximum 24 (MeMO) (Thomas Ulich, Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory),
    Outer space influence on the low and middle polar atmosphere (Ilya Usoskin, Faculty of Science)
  • Consortium: The effect of climate change on scots pine seed and seedling development (SEED) (Hely Häggman, Faculty of Science),
    Biodiversity and people in the land-use (Anne Tolvanen, Faculty of Science and LUKE)

Human Health and Community Well-being

  • Circles of violence - challenges on building a culture on non-violence in family and school (CIRCLE) (Vappu Sunnari, Faculty of Education)
  • Structural racism and its impact on Indigenous Health – a comparative study of Canada, Finland and Norway (Arja Rautio, Faculty of Medicine)
  • Prevention of marginalization in Northern Finland (Juha Veijola, Anja Taanila, Irma Moilanen, Faculty of Medicine)

Sustainable Resources Management

  • Potentiality of geodiversity information in biodiversity assessments (GEOBIO) (Jan Hjort, Faculty of Science)
  • Research Group on Environmental Catalysis: Sustainable abatement and use of gaseous emissions in process industry (Riitta Keiski, Faculty of Technology)
  • Waste and energy synergy networks in the context of eco-municipalities–Towards resource efficiency in the North (WE2North) (Eva Pongrácz, Faculty of Technology)
  • Utilization of chemical nonwood resources in local bioeconomies (Jouko Niinimäki / Henrikki Liimatainen, Faculty of Technology)

Last updated: 6.4.2017