The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers a wide variety of studies in mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics. The Department provides courses leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Licentiate in Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy. The Department also hosts a number of active research groups and opportunities for postgraduate studies are excellent. The list of advanced courses and seminars covers a wide area of mathematics and statistics offering interesting possibilities for planning postgraduate studies and a career as a researcher.

In the Department of Mathematical Sciences, the Bachelor's degree consists of compulsory major and minor studies. The Master's degree programmes are comprised of compulsory major studies in mathematics; minor subjects can also be included. The studies consist of lectures, homework assignemnts, laboratory exercises, research projects and independent studies.

As a major subject, the student can choose

  • mathematics,
  • applied mathematics or
  • statistics

Furthermore, students can specialize in the following five areas:

  • mathematics teacher,
  • mathematics,
  • mathematics and information technology,
  • applied mathematics and
  • statistics.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences is a well-known and successful educator of mathematics teachers. The Department is also known for its work in the development of innovative methods for teaching and studying. Several ideas developed first by us have been subsequently adopted by other Finnish universities.

Information about admissions can be found on the webpage of the Faculty of Science. Welcome to study mathematical sciences!

Last updated: 13.2.2013