Faculty of Technology

In the University of Oulu, the field of engineering is a part of a multidisciplinary academic environment. The Faculty of Technology operates in the fields of Architechture, Mechanical Engineering, Process and Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing, Civil Engineering, Geosciences and Chemistry. Education and research are conducted in close collaboration with national and international companies, research institutions and public sector organizations.


Science with Arctic Attitude

The Faculty of Technology focuses on research of sustainable use of Northern natural resources. The Faculty has top expertise in biomass, minerals, steel and materials processes and applications, which cover the whole production chains as well as the economics, and minimization methods for environmental effects of the production processes.

Read more about the research of the Faculty - Sustainable water treatment with Arctic Attitude.

Shortymentary video clips

Watch the short videos telling stories about our students, teachers and researchers


Art of Engineering

How can you combine creativity with engineering? Dr. Sc. (Tech.) Juha Anttila talks about his life’s work.

Clean technology

Cleantech is a growing industry. What does the future look like to a researcher working with environmental and chemical engineering at the University of Oulu?


How do you know if you’re studying the right subject? A student of industrial management and engineering found her flow and landed a job during her second year of studies.

Grand Prix

University isn’t all about theory. Formula Student Oulu, a team of mechanical engineering students, built a race car from scratch. ”This is our chance to leave with a bang.”

Light it up

Automation engineer explains the best way to light a stove.