Henrikki Liimatainen

PhD (tech)
Professor, Head of the Research Unit
Novel nanostructured lignocellulose materials

Fibre and Particle Engineering
Faculty of Technology

Measurement technology

Henrikki L

Professor Henrikki Liimatainen is head of the Fiber and Particle Engineering Research Unit (approx. 80 persons) and leads Nanostructured Lignocelluloses Research Team (approx. 25 persons).

His research focuses on nano-scale, functional building blocks derived from nature/biogenic lignocellulose materials using green approaches and fabrication of hierarchical and assembled/hybrid designs with advanced properties – Special interest on novel architectures and functionalities and materials´ (smart & responsive) interaction with surroundings (fluids, gases, EM radiation) i) Green fabrication of hierarchical nanohybrid materials (nanocellulose/lignin combined with organic & polymeric/metal/inorganic/biomedical etc. materials (material chemistry; nanomaterial science; DES) ii) Addressing the structure and fundamental behavior and characteristics of materials iii) Applications in green electronics, process and environmental and biomedical fields

Examples of research topics: new nanostructured biomaterials and chemicals derived from lignocelluloses - especially fabrication of nano- and microcelluloses, their 1D, 2D and 3D hybrid structures with inorganics/biomaterials: Filaments, films and barriers, aerogels, filters and membranes, nanopapers, smart and responsive materials, green electronics, biomedical applications and templated structures. Colloidal behaviour of lignocellulosic nanoentities and their use as a novel class of bionanochemicals: adsorbents, flocculation agents, surfactants, emulsifiers. Deep eutectic solvents and periodate oxidation in cellulose modification.

Research interests

  • Nanostructured biomaterials
  • Designing of 1D, 2D and 3D hierarchical structures of lignocelluloses
  • Nano- and microcelluloses
  • Hybrid materials based on nanostructured lignocelluloses for biomedical, green electronics, environmental, catalytic etc. purposes
  • Self-assembly, stimuli response and colloidal interactions of lignocelluloses
  • Bionanochemicals: adsorbents, surfactants, emulsions, flocculants
  • Deep eutectic solvents in biomass modification

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