Fibre and Particle Engineering

The Fibre and Particle Engineering Research Unit promotes circular and bio-economy through material research. In addition, we give lectures of circular economy and bioproduct technology to degree programs. We also provide research services on particle analytics, materials processing and chemical characterisation.

We cooperate with several companies, research institutes and universities both in Finland and across Europe. If you are interested in working with us, please do not hesitate to get in contact!
Geopolymer samples


We are an interdisciplinary research unit working with materials made of lignocelluloses as well as inorganic industrial side streams. We are also a part of the Oulu University’s inorganic circular economy research community, the InStreams Hub.

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The Fibre and Particle Engineering Research Unit organises courses for the bachelor's and master's degree education on the fields of particle and bioproduct engineering and circular economy. Different points of view from traditional process technology, newest research results and industry are combined in teaching.


We provide research services in the fields of particle analysis, materials processing and chemical characterization. If you are interested in analysis services, please contact laboratory engineer Tuomas Stoor (

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