Research at Oulu Business School

Research at Oulu Business School

Oulu Business School produces high-quality and timely research knowledge both for the needs of business life and the larger society. Internationally recognized and esteemed research is considered a fundamental basis of high-grade economics and business education offered in Oulu Business School.

The main research focus area, Responsible and Sustainable Business is fostered through three research communities:

  1. Sustainable and Efficient Economic Development and Business
  2. Corporate Governance in Accounting and Financing Context
  3. The Complexities of Organizational Activities and Business Networks in International Context

These reflect the fields of expertise of our researchers, and they are also linked to the themes of Martti Ahtisaari Institute’s research groups.

Teaching and Research Faculty

Oulu Business School has approximately 80 teaching and research faculty members. Our expertise covers all the important aspects in business. You can find the full list of staff members in alphabetical order by departments below.

Department of Economics
Department of Accounting
Department of Finance
Department of Marketing
Department of Management and International Business

Last updated: 1.8.2016