Bachelor's in International Business Management

International Business Management is a degree programme offered by the accredited Oulu Business School. In this new programme, students learn to manage international business in a Nordic style, creativity and sustainability as their main drivers.

International Business Management

Degree title

Bachelor and Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)

Study places


Duration of studies

3+2 years


180+120 credits

Teaching method

On campus

Next application period

January 2025

Programme specific

20 students admitted with SAT test
10 students admitted with Finnish matriculation examination, IB, EB or DIA/RP

Programme profile

Top reasons to study International Business Management

  • Interested in the Nordic perspective to business? The University of Oulu offers you a unique study opportunity to learn to tackle global business challenges.
  • Our degree programme strongly builds upon the concepts of sustainable business management and creative entrepreneurship.
  • During the studies at our vibrant multiscience campus, you can collaborate with intercultural teams to resolve real-life business scenarios and build your professional network.
  • Join a thriving technology hub in the world. In Oulu, you will have the chance to work with and learn from global companies.
  • Obtain an internationally recognized degree in Economics and Business Administration from an AACSB accredited business school, opening doors to employment opportunities within the EU and beyond.

The ever-changing world requires a new mindset and skills for the experts of international business. The future managers must be critical and creative thinkers that are able to renew their business operations continuously and sustainably.

Graduates of the new degree programme become change agents in the economy and society who can respond to the challenges of dynamic business environment by relying on the Nordic principles of change management, sustainable leadership, and growth entrepreneurship in organisational and business development.

Core skills and competence

As the new degree programme in International Business Management focuses on addressing the contemporary global business challenges from the Nordic perspective, by drawing upon the ideas of entrepreneurial leadership and responsible business, it offers students with:

  • business knowledge of the key aspects and theories of international business management based on state-of-the art research
  • a dive into the Nordic business context
  • opportunities to develop their management skills by complementing theoretical teaching with practical assignments
  • communication skills appropriate for business situations. Students will learn the basics of Finnish language relevant in a Finnish working environment.

The programme includes an internship to integrate students to the surrounding business ecosystem operating in high tech and health tech and aiming at growth in global markets.

Teaching is based on internationally recognised research by the faculty, and it combines theory and practice in its content and teaching methods. Students take on assignments in collaboration with various organisations.

New students join an international study environment where classmates represent many different nationalities.

Programme structure and courses

For detailed information about courses and the programme structure, take a look at the study guide:
See the study guide for International Business Management (Bachelor's) programme structure and courses

You can also click the link below to get familiar with the structure of the Bachelor's programme in International Business Management.

Admissions criteria

Read about eligibility and admissions procedure for this programme, detailed information available at Studyinfo.

Occupational profiles of the graduates

The IBM graduates will be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in International Business Management. Graduates demonstrate a basic understanding of the key aspects relevant for the management of international businesses, basic understanding of management as an academic field of study and can analyse and solve business problems and justify business decisions.

Thus, graduates are ready to tackle business and marketing cases as experts in companies pursuing growth in international sales in fields such as high tech or health tech.

The degree provides a qualification for master studies in the fields of management and business administration. For continuing their studies, students enroll in the English-taught master’s programme in International Business Management offered by the Oulu Business School.

Master’s graduates work in many professional fields and develop to hold expert and management positions in Finland and internationally. They cover the whole spectrum of companies from start-ups to multinational corporations with titles such as:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Director of Sales & Marketing
  • Global Demand Analyst
  • Key Account Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Team Leader.

Welcome to Oulu Business School

Only roughly five percent of the world’s business schools have fulfilled the AACSB quality standards. The Oulu Business School is one of the first Nordic business schools to earn this international business accreditation.