Master's in International Business Management

International Business Management is a two-year master’s programme offered by the accredited Oulu Business School. The degree gained combines management and international business fundamentals with responsible, growth-oriented and innovative entrepreneurship.

International Business Management

Degree title

Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)

Study places


Duration of studies

2 years


120 credits

Teaching method

On campus

Next application period

8-22 January 2025

Programme profile

Top reasons to study International Business Management

  • Global outlook, inspiring international environment and close ties with industry make a platform for professional growth and personal development.
  • Respond to global challenges by becoming a change agent capable of responsible management and growth-oriented entrepreneurship.
  • Programme offers courses that are flexible and can be taken remotely, which allows you to work alongside studies.
  • Programme provides opportunities for students to explore business especially from a strategy and organizational change point of view. You get to work in multicultural groups to implement real-life business scenarios.
  • An internationally comparable degree in Economics and Business Administration from an AACSB accredited business school that enables you to apply for work within the EU and globally.

In a rapidly changing world, businesses cannot stand still as there is a constant need to evolve. This evolution needs experts who are able to challenge the status quo and question the current business practices.

Graduates of the programme become change agents in the economy and society at large who are capable of responding to the challenges of dynamic business environments by relying on the principles of change management, sustainable leadership and growth entrepreneurship in organisational and business development.

"Through this programme, I have acquired the much-required toolkit needed to attain organizational goals and objectives in the fast-paced world of international business management." - Modou, alumn

Core skills and competence

The programme provides the basis for expertise in areas such as:

  • Business designing, venture growth strategies, and international entrepreneurship
  • Developing an innovative mind-set and new businesses
  • Strategic thinking and renewal
  • Responsible business management and leadership
  • Leading multinationals, mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures
  • Legal issues related to international business.

Courses during the first academic year introduce the students to a framework of multinational corporations and international business. Students learn innovative and entrepreneurship-driven management principles and examination of organisational change in a global context.

There is considerable flexibility in finalising the degree, as during the second year of studies students are able to select courses and deepen their knowledge based on their individual interests and professional profiles.

Teaching is based on internationally recognised research by the faculty and it combines theory and practice in its content and teaching methods. Students take on assignments in collaboration with various organisations.

New students join an international study environment where classmates represent many different nationalities.

Programme structure and courses

For detailed information about courses and the programme structure, take a look at the study guide:
See study guide for International Business Management programme structure and courses

Admissions criteria

Read about eligibility and admissions procedure for this programme, detailed information available at Studyinfo.

Occupational profiles of the graduates

The IBM graduates will be awarded a Master of Science degree, majoring in International Business Management. The degree provides a good qualification for doctoral studies in the fields of management and international business, and opens career paths that may lead to different managerial positions and entrepreneurial activities.

Graduates of the programme work in many professional fields and develop to hold expert and management positions in Finland and internationally. They cover the whole spectrum of companies from start-ups to multinational corporations with titles such as:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Director of Sales & Marketing
  • Global Demand Analyst
  • Key Account Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Team Leader.

Welcome to Oulu Business School

Only roughly five percent of the world’s business schools have fulfilled the AACSB quality standards. The Oulu Business School is one of the first Nordic business schools to earn this international business accreditation.