Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) refers to transferring credits through previously acquired skills and competencies. These competencies may have been acquired through formal studies or a variety of non-formal and informal means, including life and work experience. RPL is part of study planning and preparation of a personal study plan (PSP). At the Oulu Business School, the PSP process is supervised by teacher tutors and study counselors.

Please note that Oulu Business School will only be able to process credit transfers for courses belonging in the field of economics and business administration, i.e. all other studies (languages, math, statistical studies etc.) will be dealt with by the language center and the Faculty of Science respectively.

In order to apply for transfer of credits, the student must hand in an application to the student office. The form (which can be found in the link below) must be accompanied by an official diploma, certificate or transcript of records stating the grade acquired from the course, as well as a statement of requirements for the course (typically a syllabus), including the goals, contents, working methods and literature. The application must also state the English name(s) of the course(s) the student wishes to transfer credit for.

More information on the RPL process can be found in the university website through the link

The relevant application forms for each type of credit transfer can also be found below. RPL 1A for previous formal education RPL for informal and non-formal learning RPL rectification request for RPL credits

Last updated: 19/7/2016