The COACT community has shared research interests and contacts of collaboration with researchers from the following institutions and communities:

Auckland University of Technology (Multimodal Research Centre)

Finnish Educational Research Association, Interaction Research Group

Finnish Forest Research Institute, METLA

FLARE 2 – Future Leaders of Ageing Research

Loughborough University (CA and Discursive Psychology)

NERA Network 25: Guidance and counselling

SEDIT (Scottish Ethnomethodology, Discourse, Interaction & Talk)

University of Aalborg (Centre for Discourses in Transition, C-DiT)

University of Basel

University of California, Los Angeles (Center for Language, Interaction, and Culture, CLIC

University of California, Santa Barbara (Language, Interaction, and Social Organization, LISO)

University of Helsinki (Finnish Center of Excellence in Research on Intersubjectivity in Interaction)

University of Jyväskylä (Centre for Applied Language Studies and the Department of Languages)

University of Southern Denmark

Örebro University (Culture, Communication and Diversity)

Last updated: 2.12.2016