Tiina Keisanen

PhD, Adjunct Professor

Languages and Literature
Faculty of Humanities

Tiina Keisanen

My general field of research is multimodal social interaction in different types of everyday situations, ranging from foraging activities to interactions in class or at home. I examine the orderly practices of human sociality and how discourse participants deploy language, embodiment, artefacts and their surrounding context in the construction of actions and activities. In some of my research it is also relevant to examine how participants' actions in situ are influenced by their personal histories and discourses circulating the setting. I draw on conversation analysis, interactional linguistics and nexus analysis in my research.

Research interests

  • multimodal social interaction
  • language teacher education
  • English language use

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Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 1
90570 Oulu

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Research Unit for Languages and Literature, English
P.O. Box 1000
FI-90014 University of Oulu