Iira Rautiainen

Doctoral Researcher

Languages and Literature
Faculty of Humanities


I am a doctoral researcher in the research projects iTask: Linguistic and embodied features of interactional multitasking, funded by the Eudaimonia Institute, and PeaceTalk - Talk and interaction in Multinational Crisis Management Training, funded by the Academy of Finland. I examine interaction in collaborative situations in Military Observer training. In my doctoral dissertation, I use conversation analysis and ethnography to study team work during Military Observer training, focusing on vehicle patrolling. My research materials consist of audio-video recordings, ethnographic field notes and documents from multinational crisis management exercises.

Research interests

  • social interaction
  • conversation analysis
  • ethnography
  • ethnomethodology

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Room HUM318
Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 1
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Research Unit for Languages and Literature
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English Philology
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