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Giellagas Institute, Department of Saami Studies

P.O. Box 1000
FI-90014 University of Oulu

Telefax: +358 8 344 790

Staff e-mail: firstname.lastname (at)



Teaching at the Giellagas Institute depends on the fact that students and staff have good connections to other institutions, which makes it possible to provide comprehensive training in Saami culture and language.

Some of the most significant partners include:

We have also been involved together with the university of Kansas in the setting up of an exchange program for indigenous students that is called World Indigenous Graduate Exchange (WIGE) that is run in English.

We are also creating contacts with the University of the Arctic to reach more indigenous students. Exchanges within the Nordic Countries take place supported by the NORDPLUS –program.



All University of Oulu graduates with a Bachelor, Master or a Doctoral Degree are alumni. The University of Oulu alumni body is over 42 000.  Each year, over 1000 new Master and 100 new Doctoral alumni join the alumni community. Of the graduates, over one hundred have completed an international Master programme.

More information about the alumni relations.

The Alumni Network is an online tool and service for all alumni to keep in touch with fellow alumni and your Alma Mater. In the Alumni Network you get to join an alumni community with over 5000 members. As a member, you will receive a newsletter, event invites and a hard copy of the Aktuumi magazine.

Please contact us in Alumni Relations at alumni(at) if you have any questions regarding alumni activities or the Alumni Network. Your ideas and comments are mostly welcome.



Last updated: 13.9.2017