Marko Jouste

University lecturer in Sámi Cultural Studies, reseacher, developer of the Saami Culture Archive

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Marko Jouste

PhD Marko Jousteis a university lecturer in Saami Cultural Studies at the Giellagas Institute of University of Oulu. As an ethnomusicologist, historian, and musician he has worked in the field of contemporary and historical Saami art, history and oral traditions. Jouste has over 50 scientific publications (articles, books) and he has been active in presenting research output in national and international conferences since 1996. In 2011, he presented a doctoral thesis Tullâčalmaaš kirdâččij ‟The One Who Flew with the Fire-eyes‟, a description and analysis of historical Aanaar (Inari) Saami traditional music and its relation to oral history.

As researcher Jouste has worked as a Principle investigator (PI) for various research projects examining Saami musical traditions and Saami history At present he leads The Multidisciplinary research project The Life history of Jaakko Sverloff, funded by The Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation (2021–2022). Main recent scientific occupations are: Ph.D. researcher and PI in research project Historical Turning Points of Multilayered Music Tradition among the Skolt Saami in Finland, funded by the Academy of Finland (2015–2018) and a researcher in project "Song and singing as a Cultural Communication" funded by the Finnish Academia and governed by the University of Tampere (2011–2013).

Jouste's research is linked to substantial utilization of historical material found from various archives in Finland, Nordic countries, Russia and Estonia. Due to this a part of his work in the Giellagas Institute is addressed to organizing and developing The Saami Culture Archive of The Giellagas Institute and its research services. He was the main researcher and project developer in the FIRI2014 Development project of the Saami Culture Archive of University of Oulu (2014–2016), funded by the Academy of Finland. This project continued Jouste's earlier work of archive developer of the Saami Culture Archive during 2009–2013 and his work as a project researcher in the Nordic Yoik Archive Projectgoverned by the Sámi museum Siida in Finland and Ájtte, the Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum (2006–2007). Just had also a scholarship of The Finnish Cultural Foundation for the research on Skolt Saami sound archive material (2008–2009).

The questions of repatriation, culture and language revitalization and indigenous ethics are essential parts of the work concerning Saami archive material. One solution is a "path between archive and Saami communities", in which a contact and discourse is actively executed. This method was developed in the key project Skolt Saami Memory Bank - A Pilot for Data Management and Revitalization of Endangered Skolt Saami Music, Language, and Culture led by Jouste and funded by the Academy of Finland (2016–2018). As for ethical and legal issues, Jouste was a member of Sámi culture and evolving copyrights-project (2017–2018), led by a researcher and lawyer Piia Nuorgam in the University of Lapland.

As a teacher Jouste works in the Giellagas-institute in Oulu University as a University lecturer organizing and teaching courses of the Saami Cultural Studies and Digital Humanities Studies. The main subjects are contemporary and historical Saami art, history and oral tradition. Other subjects of teaching are linked to the theories and methods of research and to fieldwork and archive research. He also supervises graduate and postgraduate students.

Teaching demonstration

Bolševikit Petsamossa 1920 - Kolttasaamelainen muistitieto ja aikalaislähteet


Jouste Bolševikit petsamossa (2023) (pdf)

Jouste Luentomoniste (2023) (pdf)

As a musician Jouste has a training as a classical guitarist and a guitar teacher (Tampere Conservatory 1991–1996, 1999–2001). He has performed and recorded Saami music with various Saami artists since 1997. Ulla Pirttijärvi & Ulda's albums are: Vuolgigoahtit (2022), Roijk (2016) and Ulda (2012, a nomination for the best Ethno-album in Finland "Etno-emma" in year 2012), Albums by a Skolt Saami music group Suõmmkar are: Peäccam da Paččjokk (2022)and Suõmmkar (2018). Albums by Vilddas are Silbabárut (2012), Háliidan (2003) and Vilddas (2000).

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