Significance for the strategy of the University of Oulu

As a research infrastructure, the Saami Culture Archive has special value to the University of Oulu. This can be seen in various segments in the Oulu University’s Strategy for 2013-2015.

1) The development of high-level research infrastructures is a part of strategy of the University of Oulu. From the point of view of the Saami Culture Archive it is significant that in the overall Research Assessment at the University of Oulu in 2007 some of the University's data collections and archives were discovered to be of great significance, if not unique in their field. This means that there is a special focus on achieving high-level research, and that, in turn depends on high-quality and state-of-the-art research infrastructure, research equipment, data collections and databases, a part of which are part of the national and international infrastructure network. In the center of this work is the update of the roadmap for national research during 2013, in which the Saami Culture Archive is as an applicant.

2) It is stated in the university’s profile, that the University of Oulu is a multidisciplinary science university with international operations. The University’s competitive edge comes with an up-to-date, scientifically imposing research infrastructure that supports a multidisciplinary research approach. It is characterized by effective shared usage and open access. In the future, a larger proportion of the University infrastructures will offer services on a national and international level, and this has been taken into consideration in the road map for national research. The Saami studies can be defined as a multidisciplinary research field concerning linguistics, cultural, history and social studies, for which the Saami Culture Archive can offer research material. The aim of the development of the archive is to create a fully functioning scientific sound archive open to academic research, the Saami society, and also in the future to wider audience interested in the Saami language and culture.

3) The University of Oulu educational profile is related to its research profile. One of the cornerstones for University’s research profile is cultural identity and interaction, to which the Saami Culture Archive and the Giellagas Institute belong.

4) The University implements its mission for regional education together with other universities. The University of Oulu has a particular responsibility in the area of research and education focusing on the Saami language and culture.

5) The significance of the University of Oulu as a circumpolar multidisciplinary expert strengthens while international interest focuses more and more on northern areas, where Saami culture has a special role as the only ingenious people of the European Union.

Last updated: 14.6.2013