A1. Interviews
   A1.1. Personal interviews
   A1.2. Thematic interviews

A2. YLE Sámi Radio collection (The Finnish Broadcasting Company)
   A2.1. Radio programs of the YLE Sámi Radio 1973–1979
   A2.2. Skolt Saami radio programs 1973–1979

A3. The Teaching of Saami languages and Saami Culture
   A3.1. Classroom recordings
   A3.2. Educational material

A4. Saami culture events, conferences, seminars

A5. Copy material of other Finnish sound archives
   A5.1. The Archive of Folklore and Comparative Religion at the University of Turku (TKU)
   A5.2. The Collection of the Inariopisto
   A5.3. The Saami collection of the Institute for the Languages of Finland

A6. The Giellagas collection

A7. The Collection of religious recordings

A8. Music

A9. Linguistic research material


Last updated: 18.3.2014