Giellagas Institute is the only institution in Finland dealing solely with Saami research and education and therefore represents a national concentration of academic researchers and teachers. In the beginning of 2007, the Giellagas Institute had two professorships (one in linguistics and one in cultural studies) and 5 other positions, one (established in 2005) focusing on research, three positions for teaching and research and one position for administration.

The institute has played a very important role in producing researchers, teachers and other experts not only for the Saami society in Finland but also for other Saami institutions in other Nordic countries. With the close relationships to Saami society, the Giellagas Institute has created active research networks both nationally and on a Nordic level.

Saami is the daily language of internal communication in the Giellagas Institute. The researchers are using and developing Saami language both as a vehicle of scientific discussion and instruction as well as a methodological tool for research into traditional knowledge.

The Giellagas Institute houses two major academic subjects and accordingly pursues two concurrent lines of research, Saami Linguistics and Saami Cultural Studies.

Last updated: 1.7.2016