EmReg – data collection finished

The EmReg project, which focuses on investigating pupils’ emotion regulation as a part of self-regulated learning process and was launched last Autumn in LET, has now got a great start also in terms of the data collection. The data collection with 6th grade pupils from the University of Oulu Teacher Training School has been successfully conducted resulting a very interesting combination of process data on the children’s learning process. Altogether 45 children participated in science group work related to heat energy in Leaforum. The groups’ task was to build a miniature model of an energy efficient house. The task included different phases from individual preparation to group brainstorming, planning and building of the model. The pupils’ working was videotaped and physiological data was collected using Empatica-wristbands. Now we are eager to start analyses!

About Emreg –project: http://www.oulu.fi/let/node/43090

Viimeksi päivitetty: 5.4.2017