Satu Kaleva

Coordinator, Hybrid Intelligence (HI), profi7 research program

Learning and Learning Processes Research Unit
Faculty of Education and Psychology

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Satu Kaleva is a project coordinator of multidisciplinary PROFI7 Hybrid Intelligence research program: Hybrid Intelligence: Human-AI Co-evolution and Learning in Multi-realities (HI) | University of Oulu.

Her Ph.D. study explored factors related to youngsters' academic pursuits, focusing on STEM career interests and educational choices. For over a decade, she has actively cultivated networks and collaborations between education and industries. She is currently affiliated with the Faculty of Education and Psychology, working within the Learning and Learning Processes Research Unit. Her research interests include:

  • Human-AI co-evolution
  • Learning in Multi-realities
  • Background factors influencing youngsters' educational and occupational choices
  • Collaboration between school and work life
  • Gender segregation in education and work life, along with gender-sensitive counseling methods.

Doctoral dissertation: Lost in transition? : background factors to study field and STEM career interests of general upper secondary students - OuluREPO

Research interests

  • Background factors of youngsters educational and occupational choices
  • School and work life collaborations
  • Out-of-school learning environments
  • STEM career interests and choices
  • Gender segregation in education and work life
  • Gender sensitive counseling methods in education
  • Work life interventions in schools

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M236, Oulu University