Learning regulation with AI – promoting adaptive K-12 learners


The LEAD project blends self-regulated learning theory with AI to foster adaptive learners in K-12 education. By exploring student learning management and employing AI, we aim to create supportive learning technologies, aligning educational with technological advancements for better collaborative learning.
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The aim of the LEAD project is to inform the design of evidence-based solutions for developing adaptive self-regulated learners by integrating self-regulated learning (SRL) theory with AI capabilities. The objectives of this project are:

(1) To re-new SRL theory and research by implementing the novel trigger concept (Järvelä & Hadwin, 2023) to guide data use and analysis;

(2) Investigate how K-12 students control, monitor and regulate their learning;

(3) Provide evidence to guide the design of new AI-driven learning technologies that collaborate with learners to help them to be purposeful, adaptive self-regulated learners.

We use multimodal data and utilize AI techniques to further understand and provide support for regulatory processes in collaborative learning. LEAD will contribute that K-12 education pedagogical innovations are aligned with technological innovations.