Triggers for collaborative learning regulation


Eudaimonia funded TRIGGER project aims on furthering research into socially shared regulation of learning (SSRL). We introduce a novel concept of trigger events - the challenging events that inhibit collaboration thus prompting students to engage in SSRL. The results of this project will enable us to develop supports and teacher interventions for better collaborative learning in different settings

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This research project is focused on Enhancing learning outcomes in collaborative settings through the regulation of cognition, motivation, and emotion. To achieve this goal, the researchers will identify "trigger events" - Moments that require regulation of these processes within a group.

The team plans to conduct controlled collaborative learning experiments, collecting data via multiple channels such as background information, situated measures, 360-degree video, audio, physiological measures, and stimulated recall interviews. By analyzing the patterns of cognition, motivation, and emotion regulation in these situations, the researchers aim to gain a better understanding of socially shared regulation and the mechanisms behind triggered regulation events.

The findings of this research have the potential to contribute to the development of updated self-regulated learning theory and complement Collaborative learning theory, ultimately leading to better support for students in their learning journey. By equipping students with the necessary skills to regulate their own learning, they will be better equipped to make responsible decisions about their future.