Faculty of Education and Psychology

The Faculty of Education and Psychology is a multidisciplinary expert organisation for training, research, and development in the fields of education and psychology. The Faculty provides high-quality education and research in a multidisciplinary and international academic environment.


Research in the Faculty of Education and Psychology addresses several of the university’s focus areas of Understanding humans in change and Digitalization and smart society. Research in the faculty is seeking novel and evidence-based solutions to current and future challenges to humankind. We also have research units and research centres.

Research Units

Research Centres

Research centers represent multidisciplinary research that takes place across unit boundaries.

Doctoral Training and Title of Docent


The degree programs offered by the Faculty include education and training covering the entire human life cycle across different contexts, for instance in early childhood education, psychology of infants, children, adolescents, and adults as well as geropsychology, teaching of children and adolescents at basic education age, life-long learning, and other expert tasks. The education provides qualifications for educational tasks in a diversified world and prerequisites for doctoral education.

Psychology studies cover different fields of psychology, including e.g. developmental psychology, clinical psychology, personality psychology, cognitive and neuropsychology, work and organizational psychology, and psychology research methods. The studies qualify you to work as an expert in psychology in various positions and, after completing a master's degree in psychology and legalization by Valvira, to work as a psychologist. Master's studies provide a prerequisite for doctoral studies.

All programmes lead to the degree of Master of Arts (Education and Psychology). The major subject in the degree is either education, special education, music education, early childhood education, learning sciences, or psychology.

Master's Programmes

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The Faculty of Education and Psychology co-operates with local, regional and national as well as international partners, for example in connection with numerous co-operative projects.

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