Upgrading higher education teachers’ and students’ hybrid learning competences


The project aims for developing digi-pedagogical design and materials that empower teachers and students to engage and enjoy productive learning in hybrid teaching mode.



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400 000 EUR

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University of Oulu

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The general objective of this Cooperation partnership is to allow five participating universities to increase the quality of their teaching activities, to further develop their international networks, and to increase their capacity to jointly tackle educational challenges in today’s society. Learning and Educational Technology Research Lab in the Faculty of Education and Psychology is a part of the consortium.

We aim at designing and implementing theoretically well grounded, re-usable and transferable solutions for hybrid learning to address the common need in the field of education. Our aim is also to provide more attractive education in line with individual needs. Based on the theoretical knowledge about collaborative learning, regulation of learning and technology-enhanced learning, this project provides a deeper understanding of the requirements of successful hybrid learning, and how both HE teachers and students can be equipped with skills that make hybrid learning more effective, efficient and enjoyable.

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OPEN UNIVERSITEIT (the Netherlands)


Project results

Main project results will be:
1) An validated instrument to measure HE teachers' and students' digital competence
2) Guidebook (open source) for HE teachers concerning designing and scripting effective, efficient and enjoyable hybrid learning
3) Guidebook (open source) for HE students about participating productively in hybrid learning situations
4) Based on the Guidebooks, a pilot of two hybrid Micro-courses (awarded with micro credentials) are designed, piloted and published for open and free use